Friday, April 23, 2010

Nigeria's Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan, visited Washington, DC for a Nuclear Summit in his first trip abroad as President. During the visit, he took the time to participate in a discussion at the Center for Global Development (CDG). According to the CDG, Jonathan

"offered his perspective on several of the key issues that his country faces, including electoral reform, consolidation of the gains of the Niger Delta Amnesty, the fight against corruption, and improvement to the power and energy sectors"
Apparently, Jonathan gave a quick 9 minute speech and then asked the audience to speak to him saying, "I’m more interested in what you all have to say." He then fielded questions from Nigerians and journalists from around the world for over an hour.

Below is a video snippet of his CGD speech.

Pictures from the event courtesy of the CDG.
 Acting President Jonathan delivers remarks Members of the Nigerian DelegationActing President Jonathan talks with Todd Moss

What do you think of Jonathan's performance and his points?

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Beauty said...

At least Jonathan communicated in English Language, it is a far cry from the others, give me not OBJ nor Yardie anyday. Anyway, whats with the hat? We want Nukes while the Niger-Delta rages. Jajaja!!! 50% election fraud cannot be defended eloquently is a reason the speech writers ought to go back to proper finishing school. My god. The PDP 419 election was just that, it is what it is. A crime against the people.

Nigeria does not work and it has not worked until now, yet, we are expected to just laud our new leader for speaking English without substance.

For Nigeria to work, we need new blood that has not be fed all the nonsense of poverty and religion called happiness in extreme poverty. We have to begin at the begining. credible population cencus to quantify who is where in order to properly plan our true requirements. The good news is simply that we can afford it.

F said...

I think the guy did okay... Yet, the "50% fraud" point was badly presented. I get his point. We all know the corruption in Africa is over-represented in the international community cos the West too get as e be... Yet, he should have phrased it better. I think the guy is on the right path sha... With better speech writers like Beauty mentioned and more experience on the international stage, he could be a force for good in Naija. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

To add to the previous comments - the defence of the elections was misguided to say the least - the missing link is rigging and in a country with a critical poverty rate SHOULD NOT even be thinking of nuclear power. I agree with the statement on diversifying our exports and technology transfer. However we have expert technologists in Nigeria but are they willing to share their skills and knowledge? No and that is a mindset that needs to change. In the 21stC development occurs through collaboration and the sharing of information, skills & knowledge.

Christina said...

I agree with you sokari he should not be thinking about nuclear power, i mean with all that mentioned issues with his county, the least thing to do is to think of the issues first and that how things will improve for the better.

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