Friday, April 30, 2010

On April 12th, 2010, Nigeria's acting President, Goodluck Jonathan, answered pertinent questions from the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington D.C. As was the case during his CNN interview, Jonathan was precise in his answers. It must be noted that he was extremely conservative in the promises he made and even exuded humility.

Jonathan was extremely conservative in the promises he made and assurances he gave. During the 'conversation', Jonathan repeated his promise that his administration, though brief in term, would ensure credible elections. He pointed to recent state elections in Anambra, Edo and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja as evidence that the country is capable of free and fair elections. Jonathan stressed that INEC is not the problem, but an insistence on the laws is crucial to ensure that elections are credible.

He addressed the Boko Haram extrajudicial killings that resulted in a court case, lost by Nigeria's police. He suggested that a key problem is in the ease that sophisticated arms enter the country and continent. He also noted that the police force are ill equipped to deal with criminals and thus, overreact. He did however, state that the Federal Government is investigating reports of brutality and human rights violations.

A transcript is available here.

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NakedSha said...

So, this is one reason why I respect Jonathan.

He is conservative in his promises and makes logical ones.

I hope Nigerians believe in him. Let's see how he delivers. I believe he will at least create road maps because like he said, he has such a short period.

In the meantime, the President is in my prayers.

Beauty said...

So, on the police, "send more charity cash", but wait a minute. As if Tafa Balogun of Ila-Orangun did not happen. 2003 general elections and the Chief of Police that stole, everything under the noses of Ngozi and OBJ.

On the whole, I am concerned about our 1 year term Superman Jonathan. Fine, he appears to be aware of many issues, however, he seems to be living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. He is as optimistic as every politician after a quick vote but service.

People do care how we get there indeed. Just show us. We have huge challenges in Nigeria but the ready aim fire approach was in our father´s time. Today, Fire Fire Fire is the only way forward as he continues to use baba-go-slow sails.

Mrs Sweetwater said...

I Am Backing Him for Election - because He Has the Right Stuff. wish I could vote, but at least he'll have my support as a journalist and a blogger. he is the right man for the job, now that the president has gone home.

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