Thursday, May 27, 2010

The following is a soon to be published poem by Tosin Otitoju.

How does it feel to be a problem?
Tell me, Nigeria.  Let us talk. 
What happened?

Is it…
me, us, the people,
who have slandered you
and named you scapegoat
to cover up our laziness?

Is it…
them, Britain, America,
who beat you as a child
then mock you as a large-limbed
but small-brained man?

Is it…
whom you call daily
who tells you to come back,
to wait, Oga no dey office –
Is it He that wastes your time?

Is it…
your wife, her name, Corruption?
Just marry another wife. 
There are women out there
who make a man prosperous.

I don’t know why you have no money left
but I do know that when you stand up you will be praised
and the shame of the past will be quickly forgotten.
Let’s go Nigeria.  Vamonos!

Much thanks to Tosin Otitoju of UpNaira for once again contributing to Nigerian Curiosity as an Honorary Guest Writer for May 2010. Tosin is a highly respected writer and blogger. Her soon to be published book of poetry 'Comrade' will be available in Nigeria and elsewhere in July 2010.

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Jennifer A. said...

I really enjoyed reading Tosin's poem on the blame game in Nigeria. Who's to blame?

Olufunke said...

I like this poem.....Nigeria! I sigh!

I really wish its so easy and possible for Nigeria to just divorce corruption and marry a new wife!
I like the part of..............
'that when you stand up you will be praised
and the shame of the past will be quickly forgotten'
Good one ...Tosin
Solomsydelle, always on point! Cheers

Tosin said...

Awwww, thankssssssssssssss.

eMJOY Mayowa said...

I like dis wan... Its real inspiring.
Lets go Nigeria #NewNigeriaSpirit

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