Monday, September 27, 2010

Below are Dele Momodu's campaign videos.  He is a publisher of a gossip/society magazine, Ovation, and according to his website and other social media sources, he wants to become Nigeria's next president. I know very little about Momodu, but, there is growing controversy over the name change of a certain Facebook fan page. Originally called "Save Nigeria", the page was assumed to be related to Save Nigeria Group (SNG) which organized a youth-led march to the National Assembly on March 16th, 2010 in Abuja. SNG is tied to Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, and progressive youth groups such as Enough Is Enough (EIE). For those who mistook Save Nigeria for SNG, many were quickly outraged when an email was sent to members informing them that the fan page was to become 'Dele Momodu For Nigeria'. One commenter called it an "abracadabra" and "win members by subterfuge" tactic.

Nevertheless, these are the videos tied to the Dele Momodu campaign.

And this has got to be my favorite. It takes me back to the late 1980s when as a child I would dance 'fuji cabbage' (a dance move) to fuji music at birthday parties and events attended with my mother. Please pay close attention to the 0.47 mark where Momodu lays on a bed with his stylish man-purse and multiple cell phones.

While the videos give me little idea as to what sort of president he would be, his Louis Vuitton man-purse suggests that he will definitely be a stylish one. Hopefully, more professional material will be introduced in the weeks to come. But most importantly, more details about his ideas, and not just his apparently vibrant personality, will be the focus of his campaign. It should take much more to become President, even in Nigeria.

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