Friday, January 28, 2011

I must admit, kidnapping is very serious and unfunny business. I detest the practice and have seen how it can destroy lives and cause incredible pain.

Yet, like any painful part of human existence, Nigerians have managed to take something so troubling and find some light in it.

Not sure how that is possible? Please watch the video below.

See what I mean?

Laughter is simply a way of dealing with this most serious issue in Nigerian society. But, this video makes me think of something help.

I cannot help but feel that while Nigerians are so busy 'fighting' each other, we forget that what it means to be a Nigerian, is constantly evolving. The lady in the clip above spoke Igbo with so much conviction and authenticity that she would put many an Igbo person to shame. She is one in a growing number of 'oyibos' who have been Naija-fied and save for their color/race, are almost as Nigerian as some people born to Nigerian parents.

With the influx of Chinese to Nigeria and obviously, the exodus of many Nigerians to all corners of the globe, it will be interesting to learn what it truly means to be Nigerian 20 or even 50 years from now.

To see other Nigerian-speaking oyibos, see the following videos:

Dan Hoyle - The White Waffarian

Mista Samaila Dan Fulani who grew up in Jos and speaks Hausa like a proper Hausa man.

Plus, he speaks Pidgin English and sounds more 'Nigerian' than the Nigerian interviewing him.

And, the self proclaimed White Nigerian who speaks Hausa.

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