Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nuhu Ribadu, Nigeria's former anti-corruption czar, has a campaign video under his belt. While his competitors like Goodluck Jonathan have wasted no effort getting as much press as possible, Ribadu took some time to organize his team and prepare a strategy. The end result was that he won the ACN presidential primary unopposed on Friday, January 14th.

Below is a campaign video for Ribadu. Personally, I must say it is very well done. The children at the beginning evoke a sweetness and innocence that is obviously lacking from politics and campaigning. That tactic, using children to send a message, also connotes an element of veracity that is equally lacking from politics and frankly, is desperately needed. The video and song reminded me of pro-Nigeria campaigns of the 1980s like the fabled,
"Me, I like my country/ I like the land and people/ Everything dey for Nigeria/ Make we join hand, to make Nigeria better." 

Tapping into the energy of such positive and reaffirming messages will be very useful to Ribadu's campaign. It can remind people of the national greatness that Nigeria and its people historically aspired for and fought hard for. A message of hope that is backed up with concrete ideas and pledges on how to take the country beyond a feeling of hope to an actuality of success and progress. Ribadu's 'manifesto' is only 16 pages long but full of plans.

I've said my piece, but what do you think about the video?

To read Ribadu's 'Manifesto', read Pathway To A New Nigeria, which is available at his website

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