Friday, February 4, 2011

The video below is a funny analysis of some of the issues everyone is talking about in Nigeria. As the April elections approach, and as the voter registration exercise continues to unfold, there are questions about whether the elections will make a difference. And in true Nigerian fashion, a video has been made to capture some of those feelings.

The setting is a political talk show and one participant mentions that Nigeria's political system can best be summarized as "poli-magic and socio-financial campaign system". He mentions that as a counter to another participant who stressed that registering and voting is the key to solving the country's many problems. The debate is rather boisterous, as is typical of most Nigerian discussions and of course, it is entertaining.

What do you think? Will voting make a difference? Or will Nigeria's true political character (the "poli-magic and socio-financial campaign system") trump the people's vote at the end?

Hattip to Saheed A. for sending this in.

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