Monday, June 3, 2013

I recently discovered the site - Shadow & Act (via It focuses on cinema from the African diaspora and I have enjoyed perusing many of the articles.

I stumbled upon a series of interviews by Afrinolly with individuals playing a large role in the Nigerian film industry. Don't just think Nollywood. Mr. Tunde Kelani, for instance, has been making films in Yoruba and has been around since before what we now consider to be the behemoth that is Nollywood.

He has some good words for Nigerian filmmakers.

Here is another interview, this time of Mildred Okwo. She talks briefly about the difference between post-production in Nigeria and abroad for Nollywood movies. She also discusses the disorganization in the industry, applying her legal background to empowering artists and the realities of Nigerian life and how that impacts the stories told. Great quote - "Oh, there's drama in Nigeria."

Can't help but be intrigued by Nollywood and African film - being in a movie remains on my bucket list.

For more of the interviews of Nigerian filmmakers, check out the Shadow & Act site, or visit Afrinolly's Youtube page.

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